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Simulation games are an attractive genre that offers players new experiences by recreating the real world or creating fictional ones. The appeal of simulation games lies in the realistic world view, attention to detail, realistic economic and social systems, and the freedom given to players. For example, in farming simulation games, players can experience the cultivation and harvesting of crops, livestock rearing, and other activities as a farm owner. Harvest quantities vary according to real weather conditions and soil conditions, and players need to pay attention to operating and maintaining agricultural machinery. In city simulation games, players can become the mayor of a city and manage the lives of citizens and urban planning. Many factors such as transportation, the environment, and industry are intertwined, and players must develop the city while balancing these factors. To express these attractive elements using Scratch, it is important to first understand the basic elements of the game and then use programming knowledge to recreate the real or fictional world. For example, to create a farming simulation game, players need to design crops, livestock species, and the conditions needed for their growth, as well as real weather changes. To create a city simulation game, players need to consider the elements necessary for citizens' lives and urban planning and build a system that develops the city while balancing these elements. Thus, expressing the appeal of simulation games using Scratch requires an understanding of the basic elements of the game and honing programming skills. However, by doing so, players can express the real or fictional world in their own way. Many programmers and game designers create great simulation games with their own ideas. Pursuing creative expression based on their own ideas is the joy of game creation using Scratch.

#03 Lets Rebuild the Village

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KillerByte’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 KillerByte’s Scratch Game

Hover the mouse over the wreckage of the house and press the number keys 1 through 7.
The house will be built and your income will increase, so the game is to build another house with it.

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Business simulation games are an attractive genre that offers players the experience of being a business owner in a simulated world. The appeal lies in learning business and economic concepts, developing strategic thinking and risk management skills, and having the freedom to create and manage one's own enterprise. To express these elements using Scratch, understanding the game's basic elements and using programming knowledge to create a realistic simulation is essential.