2 handpicked Scratch projects of jobs


The 2 most popular jobs games in the Scratch community.

#02 Planes

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ConureConjure’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 ConureConjure’s Scratch Game

This is a 2D flight simulator that lets you fly in a variety of airplanes! What airplane enthusiasts are going to love about this, is not just that you can increase and decrease altitude and speed, but also that there are detailed functions like turning on and off the lights, seatbelt signs, and brake lights. It’s a bit difficult to operate. You can change the altitude with W and S keys, and the speed with X and Z keys. You can also turn on and off various lights with the arrow keys, so make sure to check them out. Try taking off from the first island you’re on, and see if you can land on another island. This work is also a good reference for scrolling games in that the background changes depending on the location of the plane.