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"Delta Rune" is an RPG developed by Toby Fox, the creator of "Undertale". The player explores the dark fountain, an alternate world, alongside the protagonist Kris and their friends. The following elements contribute to the appeal of "Delta Rune": Firstly, the story of "Delta Rune" has unexpected plot twists and tricks, making it captivating. Players can enjoy the deep aspects of the story, such as the growth and changing relationships of the protagonist and their companions, while solving the mysterious events that occur in the dark fountain. In addition, the combat system in "Delta Rune" stands out for its use of action elements rather than a turn-based command battle system. Players are required to use action elements to attack and defeat enemies. Players can dodge enemy attacks and perform actions to avoid attacks, allowing them to enjoy thrilling battles. Furthermore, the music in "Delta Rune" is composed by Toby Fox himself, like his previous work "Undertale", and has attracted many fans. Especially, the BGM during battle scenes has a tempo that matches the action, drawing the player into the game. To express "Delta Rune" in Scratch, it is necessary to understand the basic elements of the game, such as the story, characters, and battle system. Then, programming skills are required to replicate character animations and battle actions. By viewing other Scratchers' works, one can gain ideas and find their own expression method.

spamton neo

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#03 Get Hooked on Enraged Spamton

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tripoid’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 tripoid’s Scratch Game

Hey everyone! There’s this cool game called Enraged Spamton that you’ve got to try! It’s super easy to play. You move with arrow keys, select and shoot with the Z key, and use the X key to cancel or slow down soul movement. Plus, pressing Z and Enter together activates ‘Enraged Mode’ for some powerful attacks. The game’s constantly updated with evolving music and sprites. Recently, ‘Angel Spamton’ and the tougher ‘Phone Head attack’ were added, along with improved graphics and animations, making it even more fun! The creator is also working on ‘Queen Fight’ and ‘Snowgrave version,’ each offering a unique gaming experience. So, when you have time, definitely check it out and dive into the world of Enraged Spamton yourself!

#06 Exciting Game for Stress Relief and Fast-Paced Action

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RIMURUTNPST’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 RIMURUTNPST’s Scratch Game

This is a game where you battle oncoming enemies. The controls are simple: you can attack enemies by clicking on them with your mouse. In addition to playing the game, you can also purchase items. Use these items from time to time to strengthen yourself and face your challenges. The music is cool, and the sound of attacking enemies is satisfying, making you want to keep hitting them relentlessly. If you’re looking for a fast-paced game or a way to relieve stress, give this one a try.

How to make Deltarune

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