3 handpicked Scratch projects of ai


The 3 most popular ai games in the Scratch community.

#02 Dive into the Chess Game with AI!Hey everyone, have you tried the trending chess game where you can play against AI? If youre unsure about the moves, it might be a good idea to google the chess rules first

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ArnoHu’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 ArnoHu’s Scratch Game

Some moves you think are bugs might actually be based on the rules. Make sure you understand specific moves like the king and rook’s, and the pawn’s “en passant” rule. If you want to see how the game evaluates moves, check out the black and white bar on the right side of the board. If the game seems too easy, try the “Difficult” level on TurboWarp. And if you manage to win, screenshot it for analysis; it’ll help you improve. There are various difficulty levels, from Easy 1 to Difficult (competition mode). Especially on TurboWarp, where the AI anticipates about 4 moves ahead at Medium or Difficult levels, giving a real challenge. If you’re remixing, do it before playing to keep the list from getting too long. Let’s all challenge the AI!