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What are the charms of typing? Let's explore together how to express these charms through Scratch! The charms of typing include the pleasure of quickly and accurately inputting text, the sense of accomplishment that comes from increasing speed and accuracy, and the convenience of being able to operate a computer more efficiently. To express the charms of typing through Scratch, you could create a typing game, which challenges players to input specified words or sentences as quickly and accurately as possible, allowing them to compete on accuracy and speed. You could also display high scores or rankings during the game to stimulate a sense of competition. Other ways to express the charms of typing through Scratch might include creating tools that measure typing speed and aim to improve input speed, or developing web applications that aid in typing practice. There are various ways to express the charms of typing through Scratch, but no matter what method you choose, you can highlight the sense of accomplishment and convenience that comes with accuracy and speed. Let's explore together!

#01 Typing Sumo! Use your blind touch skill to win!

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hgwrs16’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 hgwrs16’s Scratch Game

Dosukoi (←this is a sumo wrestler exclamation)! This is typing sumo. Talk about innovation! Become a sumo wrestler and practice your typing skill. Your opponent will push you while you’re typing, but if you type correctly, you can push him back. Type quickly and push your opponent back into the ring. Finally, push your opponent out of the ring to win! You can change the difficulty level by clicking on the menu screen. I’m a programmer so I literally have explosive typing speed, but I lost in the expert mode…. Thanks for the fun typing game!

#05 Interactive Keyboard Learning Experience

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Pinosuke_c5’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 Pinosuke_c5’s Scratch Game

The computer keys are linked to this interactive experience. When you press a button on the computer, its location lights up, and a display shows which key it is. For example, if you press the alphabet letter “a,” the key lights up, and the letter “a” appears. I was deeply impressed by this feature.

Moreover, entering words can cause images to pop up. The pop-up action is also surprising. There are various types of words, so please try inputting them one by one. I believe this game is incredibly educational for those new to using a computer, and it helps them memorize key locations through the experience. Even small children can learn key positions and other information by starting this game.

#06 Play Music by Hitting Keyboard Keys in Sync with On-Screen Prompts

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DonutTruth’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 DonutTruth’s Scratch Game

You can play a song by pressing the keyboard keys in time with the keys that flow on the screen. There are multiple songs available, so you can choose the next one to try while enjoying the process. Since it’s a timing game, even those who struggle with coordinating can gradually get the hang of it by repeatedly challenging themselves. It also serves as a good practice for targeting skills. Give it a try!

#07 Discovering the Keyboard Alphabet Through a Fun Game

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2l84zwamani’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 2l84zwamani’s Scratch Game

There’s a keyboard displayed on the screen, with each key featuring an alphabet letter from the keyboard. By pressing these buttons, you can produce corresponding sounds. I believe this game allows you to enjoy learning the locations of different alphabet letters. You can experiment and play music on your own, or follow the sheet music located just below the keyboard. There are various types of sheet music available, so pressing the alphabet letters written on them to perform the songs can also be fun. Although the game is in English, I think even those who don’t understand English but know lowercase alphabet letters can quickly grasp the concept.

#08 Improve Your Typing Speed and Keyboard Skills with this Game

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wanga2019’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 wanga2019’s Scratch Game

Do you want to increase your typing speed or practice your keyboard skills? Give this game a try! In this game, you’ll be typing the characters that appear on the screen using your keyboard. All the characters are initials, so it’s a great way to learn where each key is located while you type.

I quickly recognized the keys I usually use, but I was unsure about the ones I don’t use often. Thankfully, this game helped me memorize them. You’re allowed to make up to three mistakes; after that, it’s game over. I found the game enjoyable, so I highly recommend giving it a shot.

#10 Lets Enjoy Creative Works Updated

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mGR8T’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 mGR8T’s Scratch Game

Hey, listen to this! I found an incredibly creative work that I’m sure you’ll like. It’s made by someone else, but as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to tell you about it.

The creator is super talented, and it’s thrilling just to watch! Plus, the instructions and notes are well-written, so you can start playing right away. It even has depth for more exploration, which is awesome!

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