8 handpicked Scratch games of Tetris


The appeal of Tetris lies in its simple yet profound gameplay, you know? It's a puzzle game where you manipulate blocks of different shapes with the goal of lining them up in a single row. Players have to drop the blocks that come down one after another in the right place, filling up any empty rows. The beauty of Tetris lies in its gameplay that's simple yet deep. Like, players have to accurately place the blocks that come down and act quickly, and those who are good at manipulating can aim for high scores. Plus, since the blocks are different shapes, you can strategize by combining them in various patterns. And another thing, Tetris is a game that anyone can easily start, so it's enjoyed by everyone from beginners to advanced players. And even if you game over, you can retry immediately, so you can play over and over again. These elements make Tetris a game loved all over the world, you know? Plus, one of the reasons for Tetris's popularity is that it can be played on various platforms. You can enjoy it on smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and various other devices. That's why it's loved by a wide range of people and has remained popular for a long time. Let's check out how other Scratchers are expressing the charm of Tetris together!

#01 Tetris

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Wes64’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 Wes64’s Scratch Game

It’s like The Tetris, a royal Tetris experience. Looking inside, you can see that it fully uses the pen and uses fewer sprites to realize complex judgment methods. You can see a wise person must have created this! A high-quality project that makes you truly understand that Tetris is an excellent match for Scratch. First things first, here you go!

About this Scratch Game

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#02 Tetris

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alexbeaudouin’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 alexbeaudouin’s Scratch Game

This is another classic Tetris game with simpler operations. You only need to use the arrow keys. It’s nice to be able to pause the game with the Space key. When pausing, a dinosaur shows up and says “Pause”. The dinosaur also appears on the Game Over screen. The creator must be into dinosaurs! How cute.

#03 Online Tetris - Old Model -

匿名 としてプレイ

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cosmo-zero’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 cosmo-zero’s Scratch Game

You can play against other players. This Tetris will allow you to play against other Scratchers. The title says “Old Model,” but the new version was tuned to be played on a different site. If you’re playing on Scratch, this is the right one. This is a person versus person game, but fortunately there is no communication required. That’s Scratch quality right there. Improve your game skill by playing against lots of different players. Also, you can choose between two types of controls. You can say it’s very thoughtful of the creator to do that.
The difference between operations 0 and 1 is the handling of the up arrow key.

#04 Spriteless Tetris

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colinmacc’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 colinmacc’s Scratch Game

For a moment, you’re lost, you don’t know what’s going on. This is a variable, ma’am. It’s showing the contents of a variable. You play Tetris with the value of the variable…. So that’s what the title “Spriteless” means. What sort of idea is that? Where did you come up with that? Are you a genius? You just can’t see the bottom line (lol), but I like that, too. I really haven’t been this baffled in a long time.

#05 Minecraft Tetris

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Minecraft Tetris! I love this remix.

The Tetris blocks are Minecraft-specific. Creeper’s Tetris stick or something like that would be a blast. ……

Fashionable remix.

By the way, you can hear Gusto’s voice when the game is over. It’s a fine trick.

How to use

MovementCorresponding key
Move sidewaysLateral key (←→)
Change direction</td td>A key or S key or Up key (↑)
Drop quicklyDown key (↓)

#06 100% Pen Gameboy Tetris

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MartinBraendli’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 MartinBraendli’s Scratch Game

Hey, are you familiar with Game Boy? To put it roughly, it’s a game device that was in the position of the current Nintendo Switch a few decades ago. Tetris was hugely popular on Game Boy back then, and here is a complete remake of it. The level of reproduction is unbelievable and I couldn’t help introducing it. I’m sure that some or our parents’ generation will find it nostalgic.

The menu screen can be moved along with the spacebar.
When you pause with the spacebar, the screen turns off so you can’t cheat. Little specifications like this are so nostalgic, they make me grin.