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Scratch Survivor.io

Survivor.io is like this genre of roguelike game set in a post-apocalyptic world taken over by zombies, you know? It was developed by a Chinese game company. So, in this game, you gotta be a warrior and gear up with weapons and armor to fight those zombies, man. The cool thing about it is that you can mix and match all sorts of skills and items to create your own playstyle, you dig? Since you gotta use different strategies and tactics to take down the zombies, it's a simple yet totally immersive game that keeps you hooked, dude! Survivor.io is represented in a bunch of different ways using Scratch, bro. For example, players can recreate the game's characters and stages from scratch, or they can even make their own game music and sound effects using Scratch. They also explain the game's play methods and strategies using Scratch, and it gets pretty intense, man! Let's check out how other Scratchers express these rad aspects using Scratch, dude. It'll be awesome to see together!

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#14 ダダサバイバーver.10 translates to Dada Survivor ver.10 in English.

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