The HORI A TALE projects in Scratch




1. 3つの違うゲームモードがあるよ!
– ビンゴモードでは、メダルを入れてビンゴカードを買って、数字をそろえると景品がもらえるんだ。
– スロットモードは、リールを回して絵を揃えるとポイントがもらえるよ。
– チャレンジモードは、パズルやシューティングみたいな色んなゲームに挑戦できるんだ。

2. めっちゃかわいい動物のキャラクターがたくさん出てくるよ。ウサギやキツネ、クマなど、ゲームをもっと楽しくしてくれるんだ。

3. 景品が豊富!ぬいぐるみやフィギュア、お菓子など、いろいろな景品があって、定期的に新しいのが出るから飽きないよ。

4. オンラインで全国の人と対戦できるんだ。ビンゴやスロットで勝負してみよう!

5. イベントもたくさんあって、特別な景品やゲームが楽しめるから、見逃さないでね。


And here’s the English translation for you:

Holy Tail is a medal game released in November 2023, gaining popularity for its adorable animal characters and rich gameplay features. Let’s break down the allure of Holy Tail into five key points.

1. **Three Distinct Game Modes**: Holy Tail features three different modes, each offering a unique gaming experience.
– **Bingo Mode**: Insert medals to buy bingo cards, match numbers, and win prizes. It’s simple and great for beginners.
– **Slot Mode**: Spin the reels, align symbols, and earn payouts. With various combinations, there’s strategic depth to enjoy.
– **Challenge Mode**: Tackle a variety of games, from puzzles to shooting, to win prizes. It’s packed with diverse gameplay options.

2. **Adorable Animal Characters**: Meet cute characters like rabbits, foxes, and bears. They animate across the game screen, adding fun to your play.

3. **Rich Array of Prizes**: From plushies and figures to sweets, there’s a wide selection of rewards. Prizes are updated regularly, so there’s always something new to aim for.

4. **Online Multiplayer**: Compete against players nationwide in bingo and slots, offering a chance to test your skills against others.

5. **Events**: Regular events offer exclusive prizes and games, making each visit exciting.

Holy Tail is a game loaded with charm, suitable for medal game newcomers and veterans alike. Why not give it a try?