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Drop the Number Scratch

Yo, Drop the Number is like this cool puzzle game, ya know? You gotta move these tiles with numbers and match 'em up to score big. The rules are simple, man. When the same numbers touch, they combine and double up. Easy peasy. The game's got all kinds of awesome stuff goin' for it. First off, the rules are super easy, so anyone can play, which is rad. But don't let the simplicity fool ya, bro. You gotta use your smarts to move those tiles in the right way and make killer combos. It's all about quick thinking and being sharp, man. That's what makes it thrilling and hella fun. And it's not just about moving tiles, you gotta think strategically too. Gotta plan ahead and figure out the best moves to make. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be a pro in no time! And let me tell ya, aimin' for high scores is addictive as hell! You wanna beat your personal best and compete with friends and other players. It keeps ya comin' back for more, dude. So, yeah, that's the deal. Let's check out how Scratch, this programming language, brings all these cool aspects of the game to life. We can check out other Scratchers' creations too, man. It's gonna be awesome!

#02 AKIX01’s Scratch Game

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AKIX01’s Scratch Game

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Drop the Number Scratch
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