2 handpicked Scratch projects of drop eraser

drop eraser

The 2 most popular drop eraser games in the Scratch community.

#01 A Trip Down Memory Lane with a Peaceful Game

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nyanko-y’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 nyanko-y’s Scratch Game

Man, what a calming game this is. It reminds me of a simple game I might’ve played on a desk back in the day. The rule? Flick an eraser and try to knock your opponent’s eraser off the table. This game has been recreated in Scratch. Depending on the stage, the shape of the table varies. When you win, you get jewels. Use these jewels to play the gacha, where you can get new erasers. It’s fun to play with various erasers. The force of your flick is shown by the size of the arrow, making it intuitive and enjoyable to play.