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#04 Psychopath Diagnosis - Demons of the Mind... Whispering-...

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lightblue012’s Scratch Gameという口コミを寄せてくれた方 lightblue012’s Scratch Game

A game that diagnoses your psychopathic level.

You can diagnose yourself by selecting an answer from three choices to the questions that appear. They say it’s not all bad, as psychopaths are more likely to have better jobs and be richer.

Guideline for diagnosis from the author:

0-20%–> You are calm and hardly a psychopath! You are not considered a psychopath by the people around you!

40-60%–> a bit of a danger mark? Maybe you have a place in your life where you fall into strange thoughts when you get excited? But don’t worry! If you live a normal life, you won’t get into that habit too often^^

80% of the time–> a major danger mark? Is there a big difference between normal and back? ((((Punching


100% of you–> Oh, you are a psychopathic character! Usually you are smiling and beaming, but behind the scenes you are always thinking of the most outrageous things. Do you ever say strange words when you are not in the right frame of mind? (((But don’t worry! @lightblue012 He is 100% himself! He’s one of us! ((((No honor