The Pachinko projects in Scratch


So, pachinko is like this unique form of entertainment in Japan, and it's super popular, right? The appeal of it can be summarized like this:

  1. Excitement: You know, with the sounds and flashy displays in pachinko, there's a lot of tension and excitement.
  2. Easy to enjoy: Anyone can start easily, and it doesn't take too much time, so you can enjoy it casually.
  3. Various machines: There are so many different types of pachinko machines, and each one offers different features and gameplay, so you never get bored.
  4. Collection aspect: Collecting specific machines or characters is also part of the fun, and there are loads of enthusiastic fans.
  5. Enjoyable with others: You can play with friends and family, so it also serves as a place for communication.
  6. Joy of winning prizes: Getting prizes and rewards in pachinko is super satisfying too.
Now, let's check out how other Scratchers are expressing these appeals in their projects!